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Current version is Open Sound World 1.2.7)

You can download the latest source and binary releases from this page. For previous releases, please visit the full file list.

Since OSW is in a state of heavy development, we will respond very quickly to any bug submitted to our Bug Tracking System or emails to our Users Mailing List, so please be sure to submit any bug you encounter.

Source | Windows | Linux | Mac OS X | Other Files
Source Release

OSW 1.2.7 Source     bzip2, zip

 Get the latest sources from CVS

Windows Binary Release

OSW 1.2.7 for Windows

Self-Installing EXE, Installation Instructions

(The installer now includes Tcl/Tk and Itcl support)

Linux Binary Release

OSW 1.2.7 for Linux

Binary RPM, Source RPM, Installation Instructions

Mac OS X Release

OSW 1.2.7 for Mac OS X

.dmg installer, Installation Instructions

SGI Irix Release

SGI Irix binaries will no longer be released. However, you can still compile for this platform from source code.

Other Files


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