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SampleWriter [Help Patch]

Outputs samples to a file


SampleWriter options



State Variables


SampleWriter supports the following audio file formats:
.wav - Microsoft WAV file
.aif,.aiff - AIFF Format
.dat - Text format, 1 channel, textual floating-point numbers
.sf - IRCAM Sound files
.au - Sun/Java audio files
.raw - Raw audio files
SampleWriter supports the following data formats, which can be explicitly set using the -format option:
s88 bit, signed
u88 bit, unsigned
s1616 bit, signed
u1616 bit, unsigned
s3232 bit, signed
u3232 bit, unsigned
floatsingle-precision floating-point
doubledouble-precision floating point
ulaw88 bit, mu-law encoded
ulaw1616 bit, mu-law encoded
Note that not all data formats are supported by each file format (e.g., ".dat" only supports double and ".au" supports only ulaw formats).
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