<< (left shift), >> (right shift),
?& (bitwise AND), ?| (bitwise OR), ?^ (bitwise XOR)

Bitwise operators


<< rval
>> rval
?& rval
?| rval
?^ rval





These operators implement the low-level bitwise functions found in languages like C. The symbols of the bitwise and, or and xor operators has been altered because the corresponding symbols in C are reserved in OSW for more frequently used operations.

The bitwise operators currently only operate on integers.

These operators output a result whever a new value is received via the left inlet param1, using the new value of param1 and the most recent value of param2, or the optional initial argument if no value has yet been received for param2. If you want to wait until both param1 and param2 receive new input values before computing a result, use the synchronous bitwise operators instead.

See Also

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